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Dragonmotorbikes Ducati Tuning
Dragonmotorbikes Ducati Services
Dragonmotorbikes Ducati Services

Ducati Services ?

At Dragon Motorbikes in Durham we provide a real alternative to  Ducati main dealer servicing, repairs and tuning all with a healthy sprinkling of passion supported with not one but two Fuch dynos located in the heart of the North East.

Ducati Tuning


Most Ducati owners enjoy the flexibility that this brand offers.

Its always attracted riders that enjoy being able to modify or personalize their pride and joy.  Some rider lean more towards the visual appeal of the brand and others the performance and handling and whilst both are superb to begin with its possible to make sensational improvements.

At Dragonmotorbikes we have a full range of tuning options for all Ducati’s and the time to talk it through with you too.

From performance exhaust and fueling modifacations on our Fuch Dynos, to full motor and chassis upgrades our Ducati Services atDragon Motorbikes can do it all.

bmwma-ducati-bikeWhy not call us on 0191-5008655 for a detailed chat about upgrading any aspect of your Ducati. Just call with an idea of what you looking for or wanting to achieve weather its for road or race use and we’ll see how we can help

Some of the most popular upgrade options for your Ducati are :

Performance Engine upgrades

These are just a few of the options available at Dragonmotorbikes so please feel free to ask about anything that isnt shown here.

Ducati valves desmo
Ducati valves desmo

Race exhausts and ECU/air filter set up
Custom ECU remapping – we can Custom map your ECU
Lightweight flywheels
Lightweight Clutches / Slipper clutches
Crank balancing and knife edging
High compression pistons from Pistal.
Race valve shimming
Specialist cam timing
Corse cam belt conversion
Lightweight cam belt rollers / pulleys
Oversize valve conversion and head porting /Gas flowing
ECU remapping

And of course we can supply and fit/setup numerous after market parts, such as exhaust, quick shifters etc.

Suspension Tuning

Our range of Ducati Services From a basic set up with the components you have fitted to full RS upgrades…

It amazing how many riders never adjust their suspension or ever have their suspension serviced….its such a waste and deprives them of a far more involved and satisfying experience. At Dragonmotorbikes we can cater for all your suspension needs such as –

Dragonmotorbikes suspension services
Dragonmotorbikes suspension services

Custom fork re-valve and re-spring
Fork, yoke and swingarm upgrades
Race shocks, Showa, Penske, Ohlins
Customs geometry settings for road or race
Full custom suspension settings for touring, road or race

What ever you need we can help getting you handling the way you want to and most importantly increasing your confidence in your bike.




Brake Upgrades…

There is no point in having 200 bhp at the wheel if you don,t have brakes that give you the confidence to use it….whether its up rated brake pads or replacement discs and calipers Dragonmotorbikes can help you take your bikes braking system to a new level in stopping power, feel and confidence….so what exactly can we help you with ?

Ducati brake upgrade
Ducati brake upgrade

Upgraded pads or discs (we are a Brembo Racing dealer)
Adjustable master cylinders
Braided twin brake line conversions
Dry break fittings
Race high temp brake fluid

Dragonmotorbikes Service Centre

Why not book your Ducati in for a service ?

Ducati Serving at Dragonmotorbikes
Ducati Serving at Dragonmotorbikes


So what’s involved ?


No two bikes are the same, so at Dragonmotorbikes we tailor the servicing to fit your bike perfectly after completing a detailed evaluation.

While all Ducati’s are scheduled for servicing every 12 months, not everyone covers the same mileage every year, so we need to adjust the servicing accordingly.
If you have ridden 3000 miles in 2 years you won’t need as much done as a rider who has covered 12,000, equally 6000 track miles is a long way so we are happy to adjust the service items to suit you and your Ducati.


Why Choose Us then ? Well we have the 3 Ps – Personal, Professional & Passionate

We always use genuine Ducati service parts with our fully flexible servicing, and we can advise and discuss just what YOUR Ducati needs, rather than just go by the recommended service list, this keeps your bill sensible too!

Ducati Tuning at Dragonmotorbikes
Ducati Tuning at Dragonmotorbikes