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With 2 bikes dynos and a car Dyno at our disposal we are unique in the North East..theres nothing like this and we have the tools to measure before and after performance figures when tuning your bike or car…added to this we have our separate engine room something that we discovered we needed with the ever growing demand for complete engine overhauls and rebuilds.IMG_8743

Patrizio has a wonderful in-depth of knowledge of engines of all types and how to makes things work and the toys to bring all these skills together…..he simply loves what he does a text book petrol head……from a simple diagnostic or power run through to complete competition engine re-builds, suspension servicing, carb repairs and tuning and of course his real passion……all things 2 strokes

Marc through Turbopacs has many decades of ecu and engine tuning experience which some time ago spilled over into bike remapping and lots and lots of track time…a perfect marriage.

Our bikes dynos allow us to test bikes for not only performance figures but also refinement and data logging when setting up carbs and power commanders etc, allowing us to then advise you on what’s possible and the way to go about it. If your bike requires some TLC then its come to the right place.

Over the winter period we attract alot of interest from owners who have decided that now is the time to get their pride and joy the attention that it deserves. Many bikes we see have never had their suspension serviced let alone adjusted to suit the individual and we help and advise them to get the most out of their bikesIMG_9055

Servicing, valve clearance setup, carb tune optimization, power commanders, bazza etc through to remaps after fitting exhausts etc all need to be looked at over the winter. Bikes offer sensational performance but demand TLC !

We don’t just cater for road riders either….both of us love the track and have a great deal of experience in this area. So feel free to pop over and we are always more than happy to talk through next years racing or track day plans!

Patrizio Marchetti & Marc Dellapina Co Founders


Patrizio Marchetti is co director of Dragon Motorbikes based in Durham right next to Tescos in Dragonville Industrial Park…im sure you,ll here us making some noise if your local !!.


Patrizio has 30 years of in depth experience with all things motorbikes, with a particular passion for two strokes and carb tuning. Patrizio simply loves his work…is one of the happiest guys your likely to meet and has the passion thats driving Dragon Motorbikes forward.

If you cut him down the middle there would be a 2 stroke track bike on slicks ready to go !  Dragon Motorbikes has two bikes dynos as well as Turbopacs car dyno…on site,,,some totally unique.


Patrizio is track crazy and is a superb rider and loves all things bikes ! but its doesnt end here…many might not know this but Pappa Marchetti as we call him has other hidden skills and is a sensational cook and looks after all of us with his Italian pasta offerings that he creats everyday to look after his growing team  !

Marc Dellapina
Marc Dellapina

Marc Dellapina is MD of Turbopacs since its inception in 1994. Over the years he has added new products and services and is very proud having a superb car and bike dyno and have become the regions leading Turbo specialists. Above all things we have real genuine passion for what we do and strive to Do Things The Way They Should Be Done. Marc can regularly be seen on his Ducati on various circuits around the UK and Europe. And new for 2016 is the development of Dragon Motorbikes Ltd working with his friend and co director Patrizio Marchetti.



Marc is enjoying a “a very long mid life crisis”, aboard his Ducati 748R now an 853 RS and can regularly be seen flying around Croft and other circuits.

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WEEK DAYS:  08:30AM – 5:00PM
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  • Review Title
    I biased but Dragonmotorbikes have done a wonderful job on my Ducati 853RS
  • GSXR 1000 Tuned at Dragon Motorbikes
    GSXR 1000 Thanks alot turbo pacs for the power commander and remap job it's fantastic and power delivery is alot smoother Steven Ashmoore
  • Ducati 999R
    Ducati 999R Big thanks lads bike running and handling like a dream
  • BMW 1200 GSA Advanced Tuning at Dragon Motorbikes
    BMW R1200 GSA Well what can I say. Marc Dellapina and patrizio have worked wonders on the mighty bmw r1200gsa When I bought it I added decat headers, akraprovick exhaust and a power commander 5. I always knew it needed set up properly due to a few flat spots here and there. A few power runs on the turbo pacs dyno proved that although it was already making great power, correct mapping would improve things. 2 days later I now have a perfectly dialled in bike. Patrizio has followed my request to carry out multi point mapping on each individual cylinder. It's more time taking, but the lads persevered and got it bang on. The results, I can't remember what the exact figures were but max power is now up by around 7bhp, torque is up by 15ft-lbs. doesn't sound a lot but I can assure you it feels it. More power throughout the Rev range and no flat spots. The pick up in top gear from 50mph to 70mph and beyond is just immense Well done lads. Thumbs up from me. ??
  • GSXR K5 Tuned at Dragon Motorbikes
    GSXR1000 Just got my k5 back today, great job with the re map goes like a guided missile, 184bhp great result! Thanks again
  • ZX7r Race Bike Tune
    Massive thanks to Dragon Motorcycles especially Marc Dellapina & Patrizio Marchetti for the great work done on my recently purchased zx7r race bike.... the bike I purchased turned out to have major problems and these lads turned it from a very poor 46bhp to a cracking 125bhp so thanks very much lads its put my 2016 season back on ...... all i can say is if anyone has issues with bikes i can we'll recommend using these guys 👍
  • KTM Superduke 990 transformed at Dragon Motorbikes
    Took my 2012 KTM Superduke 990 in for rolling road and diagnostic tuning after having a power commander fitted original readings 119 Bhp at the wheel and 72.9 Ftlb torque. last run was 126 Bho at the wheel and 79.8 Ftlb torque which is not bad for a standard bike. -Also had a new chain and sprocket kit fitted to stop the snatch you throttle response in first which was a pain in the town slow riding. very happy with the results and service and would recommend anytime.
  • ZX10R gone crazy
    Fab feedback ZX10r Don't know what you have done to my bike but it is un beatable including the new r1 and panigale it inialated them haha happy days 😆 fast as fk 😆 lol
  • Suzuki GSXR1000 Tuned at Dragon Motorbikes
    Thank you Marc for a really enjoyably morning doing power runs on my two bikes. It's nice to meet a local company owner who's prepared to spend that extra bit of time having a chat and giving advice to clients/potential clients, your a true gentleman and I'll be recommending you to all my family and friends. Thanks again and see you soon for a remap on my van, regards Mark
  • Kawasaki ZX6R Suspension & Engine Tuning at Dragon Motorbikes
    Ross Got to say a massive thanks you to Marc Dellapina and Pat at Dragon motorbikes / TurboPACS for an excellent tuning and suspension service set up on my ZX6R, bike has loads more power and ride like a dream. If you have and questions on anything bike related get in touch with these two top blokes. Thanks again lads 👍🏾
Where It All Began
Dragon Motorbikes was born!
Moved In
Dragon Motorbikes moves into its new home, a custom fitted our unit in Durham, setup with state of the art bike dynos and more.
1 Year Old!
Almost a year on, and business is booming! Word is spreading across the North East about the motorbike experts at Dragon Motorbikes.