2 Stroke Tuning

2 stroke engine
2 stroke engine

At Durham Motorbikes we have decades of 2 stroke tuning experience…which now days is fast becoming a black art. Patrizio Marchetti director at Dragon Motorbikes was brought up with two strokes and the mear mention of two stroke tuning will bring a smile to his face. He,s ridden most types, and you,ll soon see when you meet him that he has a genuine passion for them.

So what can we do with 2 stroke tuning ?

From a full engine rebuild through to porting and carb setups we can provide you access to this magical engine type

We tailor the tuning to any specific requirements for the individual rider by using port direction.

Cylinders are measured and the port dimensions calculated.

If the port is over enlarged the engine will quite often be slower and more unreliable than a stock engine.

With calculated port dimension we can start working out the direction of the ports to obtain the power characteristics that are required.

The ports will be polished or honed depending on the requirements and all cylinders will be matched for the maximum flow from the crankcase.

Cylinder Head/s will be measured for the compression ratio, the squish band will be re-cut and a new compression ratio will be set and finally polished.

2 Stroke Tuning
Patrizio two stroke tuning

All pistons will be modified and lightened if needed to relieve any stress.

Crankcases can also be modified for the tuning process to maximise flow and crankcase compression, in turn raising the pumping action.

All two stroke carbs can be modified to maximise flow or enlarge the bore size, and of course setup will be completed on our Dyno at Dragon Motorbikes

So if you have a 2 stroke bike and need need access to experience and a genuine love for these rare beast then Durham Motorbikes is here waiting for your call.