Quad Bikes

Quad bikes at Dragon Motorbikes

Quad Bikes are big part of Dragon Motorbikes work seeing us tuning, servicing and in many cases re-building engines.

Typically many quad bikes that we haven,t had the attention that they should have and need quiet a lot of remedial work to get them back on the road or off road as the case might be. At Dragon Motorbikes we are more than able to tackle these repairs be it tuning and servicing through to comprehensive engine rebuilds.

Some quad bikes require dyno time as a tune is required to bring many of the performance bolt of items together. This can take the form of a remap utilizing our superb Responsechips or alternatively fitting and tuning a power commander.Quad bikes at Dragon Motorbikes

Other quad bikes have damaged engines, which can take the form of a misfire, lack of power, smoking heavily or making some strange noises. At Dragon Motorbikes we are geared up to deal with this and have a large engine build room with four engines on the go at any one time. We can cater for crank repairs, cylinder head repairs, aqua blasting engine cases together with all the other aspects of the engine rebuild. Engines are removed after evaluation and diagnosis, stripped down to component form and cleaned. All gasket surfaces are prepared for rebuilding and cranks journals and bearing surfaces checked along with pistons etc. During the dismantling stage the Quad Bike engine is stored in labeled containers and the parts required for the rebuild are ordered and items sent away for additional work. When all the parts are back in stock the re-build starts with new gaskets and seals as required. Once completed the engine is then fitted and started and re-evaluated.

Other work that we under take covers suspension and brakes, items usually picked up during one of our services. A short notes guys if you have a Quad Bike dont skimp on servicing and repairs…all your doing is lining yourself up for a much bigger bill when the bikes had enough and lets you down.

So there you go…Quad Bikes at Dragon Motorbikes for all your needs

Quad Bikes
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