Tires & Tracking Fitting Service

Motorbike Tires
Motorbike Tires

Motorbike tires at Dragon Motorbikes is something we tackle in a professional and comprehensive way. After all it’s what connects you and your bike to the ground making them the most important part of your bike.

Generally we encourage riders to bring their bikes over and to change tyres in pairs and discuss what you want from them. Your Tracking should be fitted and tracked at the same time to get the best from your new rubber, your chain and balanced handling.

All too often people think cheap!! But tires really are the most important part of your bike…its connects you to the ground and apart from being black and round there are massive difference that should be carefully considered.

Once we have decided on the correct tires for you and your bike we start.

We remove the wheels from the bike of putting it the correct stands and using our snap on tire changing machine remove your tire from your rims…great care is taken so don’t panic !!
Your new tires are then fitted, weather they be what you have brought in or items that we have ordered in for you. By the way we have access to all major manufactures from road tires right through to off road and track.

All new tires and wheels are carefully balanced and then re-checked. Part of our Tyres & Tracking package is ensuring that both your front and rear wheels are in line…you would be surprised how few bikes actually are !

Laser track When Fitting New Motorbike Tires

The wheels are then fitted back onto your bike and we then attach our laser track which is a bike tracking tool and ensure that both the front and rear wheels are in perfect alignment…its interesting to note that few bikes are, which effects the handling and increases wear on your change and sprockets. It also allows us to check your frame which is handy from time to time.

We also complete a chain service…degrease clean and dry it and then re-lubricate after it’s be re-tensioned.

Simple things but it makes a difference…